Valson Industries Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company looking forward to global presence as per international standards where we can have long lasting association. Provided with good learning opportunities where individual talent, skills and hard-work are acknowledge.

Valson incorporate in 1983 and the company has successfully established a mark for itself by offering

Superior quality

Eco Friendly Products

Just in time Delivery

65000+ Shades

Valson incorporates the latest decorative trends and numerous shades offering ultimate satisfaction to our buyers like:

  • Detailed understanding of customer’s needs and specific requirements.
  • Highly skilled professionals are working towards developing magnificent shades on hi-tech machines.
  • Customized products and services.
  • Exclusive shade matching for valuable customers.
  • Our Philosophy is Team Spirit backed with a strong well-qualified technical team.

Valson offers their Customers innovative and value-added quality products backed by all-round support services. This philosophy has also reaped handsome dividends.

ISO 9001:2008
Certified company

why valson:

Shades keep varying in terms of temperature.







We export about 30% of our products to the international market allover the world. We are exporting our Polyester filament and spun yarns to Russia, Argentina, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Kenya, Sri Lanka and many other Countries. We deliver our yarns in pallet packing or carton packing as per requirements of the customers. We offer a wide range of deniers for Export and also we have a huge range of shades suitable for different applications. We accept buyer’s shades for development and normally we send lab dips for the approval of the buyers.

Recently we have added the latest Technorama, an automatic dosing and dyeing machine in our lab in order to produce the perfectly matched lab dips against buyers samples for dyed yarns.The DOS & DYE is a laboratory system used to obtain the EXACT recipe to be replicated in bulk machinery (RIGHT FIRST TIME). This allows to drastically REDUCE the correction in production and the re-dyeing, enabling a considerable time saving and improving the productivity.

Thus we always have an edge over other suppliers in terms accuracy of shade matching who follow the conventional trial and error method for shade development.