We have in – house quality control, assurance & testing department. This helps us to prove our raw material & products range with dignity & confidence.

Testing actives: laboratory equipments:

  • DE Report: DE report is generated for each production batch and check the shade continuity with standard shades.
  • Hose Knitting: Single end hose knitting machine is used to compare production shade with customer’s standard shade.
  • Washing Fastness: washing fastness machine is used to verify washing fastness of each and every batch.
  • Rubbing fastness: Dry and Wet rub fastness is checked with Digital Crock meter.
  • Light Fastness: Light fastness is checking.

Method of checking incoming and out going yarns specially dyed yarns

Testing of Grey Yarns (Incoming).

CSP, Count, Denier, Naps, Slubs & Hairiness.

Testing of Dyed Yarns (Outgoing).

CSP, Count, Denier, Washing fastness, Rubbing Fastness (Dry & Wet), Sublimation fastness, Post mercerization fastness.
Other than any special requirement by buyer, we are sending material to out side-testing in certified labs like (ITS, SGS, Bitra)

Once quality assurance authority approves all the above checks, for each and every batch, we are to deliver it.